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TOP 5 Reasons why Snuffle Mats & Puzzle Toys are worth the investment.

TOP 5 Reasons why Snuffle Mats & Puzzle Toys are worth the investment.

TOP 5 Reasons why Snuffle Mats & Puzzle Toys are worth the investment.

Interactive dog toys and snuffle toys are one of the best ways to keep your furry friends entertained. Game play not only provides mental stimulation and new learning opportunities but will also prevent unwanted destructive behaviours due to boredom or anxiety.

Dog Snuffle Toy

1. Provide mental stimulation that helps to reduce boredom

Bored dogs are prone to unwanted behaviours. Interactive toys and food is one of the best ways to stimulate dogs and give them something to keep their mind occupied.

Some dogs can become destructive when left alone and show other negative behaviours if they don’t receive enough mental stimulation.

Using snuffle mats and puzzle toys means your dog can use his brain and forage for his food, giving him mental stimulation and to learn puzzle solving skills.

2. Slows down eating to avoid bloat and stomach pain

If your dog gobbles his food too quickly then you are probably familiar with some of the effects of his speedy eating. Some dogs even use their abdominal muscles to create a vacuum, literally hoovering down their food. Vomiting, regurgitation, diarrhea, stomach pain, and even bloat are all common in dogs that eat too quickly. Luckily, using a snuffle mat is one of the ways that you can slow down their eating to reduce the risk of these things occurring.

3. Burns energy for a calmer dog

If your dog is full of energy and always on the go, then you’ll be pleased to hear that the snuffle mat can help them to calm down. As well as providing mental stimulation, the sniffing and foraging behaviours help to produce happy hormones and allows your dog to focus for a while. Spending 15 minutes using their brain in this way can be just as tiring as walking for an hour, so it’s a great way to get them to burn energy while you get on with other things!

4. Stimulates the mind.

As much as dogs need physical activity, they also cannot remain happy and healthy without healthy mental stimulation. Most interactive dog toys require the dog to solve a puzzle and apply his problem solving abilities, and the result is equally gratifying for the dog and the owner.  


These days, most dogs don’t have as much opportunity for movement as they did at the beginning of times. The majority of dogs only get about an hour of activity after their human comes home from work. An interactive dog toy will provide your dog with plenty of exercise. 

Dog Snuffle Mat

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